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STOP Scratching Your Raw, Bleeding Skin To Shreds!

Believe me, I've been there and you couldn't pay me enough to go through it again.

The worst part of being attacked by fleas was trying to catch them in the act.  It was almost like being eaten by invisible creatures where the only evidence of being devoured alive by fleas were the bites and welts that flared up after the attack.

I'm here to assure you that you don't have to put up with this beyond today.  Allow me, a former flea sufferer share how you can exorcise the flea demons from your life and have permanent relief from fleas and their bites, for good.

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It sure felt like it.  Nobody likes to be labelled, but there it was, I was the "flea magnet".

My husband always loved to have me around when it came to fleas and mosquitos because I was always the decoy.

For some strange reason they were attracted to me like I was wearing flea pheromones and yet they always seemed to leave him well alone.  He thought watching me scratch and slap myself like I was doing a bad version of the Makarena was amusing while he sat there completely untouched.

I was the flea magnet and my sweet husband knew that as long as I was there by his side he would never get so much as a single bite from fleas or mosquitos. 

I was like a human flea barometer.  I always knew when fleas were on the scene because I was always the first one they went for followed by my poor son.

It's no fun to wake up with smears of blood from the scores of bites you sustained during the night from your pesky little intruders.

But that was only half of the problem, not only was I missing sleep but it was downright annoying to be bitten and scratching at yourself like a ferile cat all hours of the day and night.

Suddenly your social life drops off the map and friends find a million excuses not to come to your home after your fleas set up shop at their places too.

And I could forget being invited to their homes as I became a human mule uknowingly trafficking fleas into my friend's houses every time they hitched a ride in my clothes.

It wasn't cool being one of the most unpopular families because of our "flea situation".  I knew it wasn't personal but it didn't make it hurt any less.  Those fleas had driven me to take matters into my own hands.

How about adding insult to injury when you're told by another parent at your son's school that you need to keep a cleaner home if you're going to get a handle on your flea problem!  That was a painful comment that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

It was the fleas, NOT US that were the problem yet I felt that the eyes of judgment all on me and that people were calling our personal hygiene into question until I discovered that it wasn't my fault...

Thank goodness for libraries and the internet which quietened my guilty consicence that I was somehow a bad parent for not keeping my home 150% perfect, until I discovered that ...and pay special attention to this...your home can be the cleanest place on the planet, but when fleas decide to take up residence there's really not that much you can do about it. 

Having a flea infestation has nothing to do with how often you vacuum or how often you clean, they can hit you at any moment.  Our home was clean and tidy as it was but it was never going to keep fleas out.

All you need is a carrier like your family pet or even yourself to bring them into your home and the madness begins.  Then I learned something else that was interesting...

That's right, often people think that after the first wave of fleas dies down that it signals the end of your flea problem? RIGHT? - WRONG!!! 

While your flea situation may seem at times to lull, like a well prepared army, they're only readying themselves for their next stage of attack. 

When you experience the next wave of fleas that seemingly come from nowhere, you need to realize that this isn't a whole new flea infestation but rather the leftovers of the original one. 

In fact people often think they get rid of their fleas only to find the pesky little critters keep coming back when in actual fact, you have the same recurring flea problem, all spawned from the same great grandma flea.

Talk about built to last.

They keep reproducing over and over again.  So the new fleas you see appear are actually the desecendants of a common ancestor and are the offspring originating from the same great grandmother.

Imagine this, one flea has the potential to spawn 20,000 fleas in her lifetime, and that's just one flea, imagine all the generations that also have this potential.  It's no wonder your house is well and truly infested!

And that's why our stubborn flea problem persisted and wouldn't go away.  We were being ambushed in our home from the inside.  These fleas weren't newcomers, they'd been around for flea generations readying themselves to snack on us again and again.

It wasn't until I learned this through my research that I really knew what I was up against.

So there I was desperate looking for a solution to my flea problems but every time I picked up an over the counter flea treatment, I read the fine print and they all contained chemical names that I couldn't even pronounce outside of a chemical laboratory.

They came with warnings of possible side effects and was not something that I wanted to use around my family or my pets.

No matter how desperate I was to exorcise our family of our flea demons I couldn't use these commercial pesticides at the risk of my family's health, who's to say that the side effects might not be felt until years down the track?

So that's when I had to take matters into my hands and go as natural as possible and the only way to do that was to create my own remedies from my own home.

I always like to look at the glass as being half full and whether those fleas realized it or not, they gave me the motivaton that I needed to get rid of them.

There's nothing like the power of being fed up to motivate you to do something about your desperate circumstances

I frantically searched day and night for a solution to my problem.  It wasn't until I went online, desperately looking for answers that I realized there were literally thousands upon thousands of people suffering through the same thing. 

I vowed that if me, my son and our dog survived this horrible nightmare that I would share my findings with as many people as I could in the hope that someone else might get the relief that they so desperately needed. 

After much trial and error and home experimentation, I found what reduced flea populations in my own home and which had no effect and I jotted down my findings in a simple little notebook.

I took the best solutions that worked the most effectively.  Not only did it work for our family but I also gave my remedies to our friends which worked like a treat for them too so I knew I had stumbled onto something truly special and it wasn't just a fluke.

I had finally cracked the code and found the equivalent of "flea kyptonite".
  I knew that with complete confidence if a flea were ever to rear it's ugly head again that I would be able to stop it dead in its tracks.  Our lives were no longer slaves to the little invaders that had set up shop in our home.

Slowly but surely, fleas were dying in droves until one day, not long after I had started on my flea extermination quest , there was finally peace.  No more little jumping critters and best of all, no more bites.

By keeping note of the remedies that worked the best across the board I was able to distill them into a report to give relief to the many others out there suffering with flea infestations, and now I can do the same for you too.

I'm so confident you'll be able to get the same flea-free results too, in fact when trying my remedies...

You'll discover a major decrease in the flea population after only a few days with major results in as little as a few weeks

You'll rest assured that you can use these remedies with full confidence, each has been tested and is completely natural and safe to use, no more worrying about side effects from harmful, man manufactured pesticides

You'll have the best remedies to rid yourself of your pesky flea problem permanently and break the flea cycle for good

Just because fleas can be persistent and would probably survive a nuclear fall out doesn't mean you should take the chemical route to rid your home of them.  These can backfire and end up harming the health of your family and your pets.

That was another thing on my checklist when it came to the fight against fleas, everything had to be 100% as natural as possible because I didn't want to sacrifice the health of my family for the sake of getting rid of some fleas.  In fact, some chemical flea treatments are so harsh that they can actually affect your kidney function.  NO WAY I wanted that anywhere near my family.

I didn't care how bad our flea problem was but it certainly wasn't worth sacrificing our physical health over.

With my all natural remedies you won't have to worry about any side effects.  In fact...

You most likely already have your flea treatment ingredients sitting right there in your kitchen pantry

They are totally safe enough to use around your family and your pets but are killer to fleas.

My remedies won't hit you in the pocket because you won't have to part with a wad of cash for a pest control guy or splash a lot of cash on expensive harsh chemical treatments

When you grab my completely safe and natural flea killer remedies today you'll have everything you need at your fingertips to get rid of those pesky fleas for good.

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Start attacking fleas back at the heart of the problem with my 100% all natural, safe remedies, you don't have to put your family's health in jeopardy for the sake of getting rid of fleas.

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